Meet the 2020 ES Team!

The newest Entrepreneurial Solutions team could not be more excited to dive headfirst into everything ES has to offer. Coming from a variety of backgrounds while also looking to concentrate in different areas of business, the Entrepreneurial Solutions 2020 team offers a significant amount of diverse insight. Evan’s consulting experience allowed him to develop strong analytical and problem solving skills, and during his MBA he is focusing on Finance and Entrepreneurship. Hayden brings sales, marketing, and business analysis skills to the team from his experience in the Beverage Industry while also complementing his MBA with a Masters of the Environment. Prior to joining Entrepreneurial Solutions, Jenny worked as a Wildlife Biologist which allowed her to developed her management, research and marketing skills. She is specializing in Renewable Energy and Marketing during her time at CU Boulder.

While each team member presents different work experience, tool kits and perspectives, each maintains the same goal - how to bring value to clients during these unprecedented times. Without a doubt, COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and interact with one another. This uncertainty can be worrisome, but Entrepreneurial Solutions sees this as an opportunity to help businesses adapt to this ever-changing environment. Jenny, Evan and Hayden provide insight on how to restructure, cost-cut and remain flexible during this time. Working online presents its own set of challenges, but Entrepreneurial Solutions can help clients make the transition to digitization smoother and give feedback on how to improve digital presence.

Entrepreneurial Solutions 2020 faces some challenges during this pandemic, but the team prefers to view these challenges as opportunities. ES provides clients with a flexible, known monetary quantity option to help propel their business forward during these times. Jenny, Evan and Hayden are thrilled to work with organizations to overcome any hurdles they face.


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