COVID Continues to Deliver the Unexpected

We often get asked - “How hard is it to run a consulting business during a pandemic?” Our answer never seems to change, we haven’t known anything different! 

While every new company has its challenges, starting a company when COVID-19 hit was, and still is, a risk. After committing to Entrepreneurial Solutions in March, one of the first meetings the team had with our highly experienced advisors was a brainstorming session on how to move forward given the state of our world. The meeting ended with a suggestion that the team would have never dreamed of: to spend the next year opening our own consulting business and taking on work pro-bono. 

After kicking the idea of pro-bono work, the team decided to go against the advice of their advisors and seek out paid projects. Apprehensive and questioning our decision to plunge forward into the unknown economic setting of a global pandemic, we were pleasantly surprised when we landed our first client. Five months into our new company, we recently faced a dilemma none of us would have  anticipated back in the spring - how to assess what projects to pursue when the team is at capacity. 

A few weeks ago, the team’s continued projects compiled with their new projects forced them to sit down and assess the hours required for each project and the quality of the deliverable presented. Mapping out their process and progress helped the team realize something unexpected - that they could not take any more projects on! After determining which projects they could excel at and fit in their remaining working hours, the team made the tough decision to turn clients away. Four months ago, the team and our advisors would have never dreamed that we would face capacity with paid projects and we’re all excited to see where this journey continues to take us!

After wrapping up some of our deliverables, we’re excited to announce that we’re currently seeking new projects. Keep an eye on this blog for an update including some of the cutting edge technologies we’ve been involved with! 


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